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Vestige Frequently Asked Questions (Vestige Direct Selling Co)

Vestige Frequently Asked Questions 1. How to join Vestige & What is Joining Procedure & What is the Joining Fee?   Anyone above 18 years can join with Vestige. There is no joining fee, the procedure is First time when you join need to buy minimum 350BV (Rs. 700/- worth of Products). That's it, you are registered for life time. When you register you will get an Username Password for our online portal, thee you can find your Profile, Point (PV & BV), Downline, Bonus, Updated News, etc.. 2. Do we want to renew the Distributorship?   No. There is no renewal, it is life time ID. 3. How to Place order online, what is the courier cost?   You can place your order online through  or  Vestige Mobile App  once you register with us and you receive your distributor ID within 1 working day. Courier charges are Rs. 65/- for all over India, If you place the order for Rs. 4000/- then courier is free for all over India. 4. Want to know more

How to Access Blocked or Torrent Sites in India – Top Guide of 2017 How to Download Torrent

Every user thinks he or she has all the rights to browse anything on the web using the internet. After all, the information is fed on the web only for the access and benefit of the users, if there was anything wrong in it, the international council of the internet would not approve it for publish. But, due to one or other reason, the Indian Government has banned some websites to access in India. Here is a top guide on how to access to blocked or torrent sites in India. Following the orders of Indian Government, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) has blocked some websites including some popular torrents like Torrentz,, The PirateBay, Kickass Torrents, etc. This is a good thing to stop piracy and many other illegal activities like porn, making pirated copies, etc. Everything has pros and cons, so we observe this thing for such blocking of illegal sites too. It’s nice to proscribe it, but simultaneously it is not justified for the genuine user as he won’t be able to use i

How To: Access Blocked Torrent Websites In India

Torrents have been one of the best content distribution platforms on the web. The system comprises of a package (file) that contains metadata about the content to be distributed and the network of devices that are sharing these files. In simple words, a torrent file is not the actual content but a key to acquire it. For easy distribution, a file is divided into small chunks (generally between 32 kB and 32 MB). These pieces, when simultaneously downloaded from multiple sources improve transfer speeds. However, recently the Indian government has blocked access to almost all torrent and file sharing websites. Like they say, you can't really regulate the Internet. There are plenty of workarounds to access torrent websites in India, and I'm going to share a couple of easiest methods with you. Now before you use this tutorial to access torrents, please understand that while there's nothing wrong in using Torrents, distributing copyrighted content is illegal. Especially in

Naats Of Rasoolullah / Naats From Famous Naat Khwa'n Download Free Torrent

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[FreeTutorials.Us] projects-in-expressjs-learn-expressjs-building-10-projects tutorial

File List 50.62 KB   01 Introduction/attached_files/001 Intro/ 26.24 KB   02 Express Webserver/attached_files/002 Project Intro/ 47.24 KB   02 Express Webserver/attached_files/003 What is Express/ 989.00 B   02 Express Webserver/attached_files/005 Very Basic Server Without Express/ 1.25 KB   02 Express Webserver/attached_files/006 Express Setup Basic Routes/ 148.09 KB   02 Express Webserver/attached_files/007 Serving Static HTML Files/ 550.81 KB   02 Express Webserver/attached_files/008 Serving JSON Downloads Handling POST/ 95.76 KB   03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/010 Pug and Template Engines/ 237.82 KB   03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/011 Express Generator File Structure/ 258.38 KB   03 PC Repair Websit