September 28, 2017

How to Access Blocked or Torrent Sites in India – Top Guide of 2017 How to Download Torrent

Every user thinks he or she has all the rights to browse anything on the web using the internet. After all, the information is fed on the web only for the access and benefit of the users, if there was anything wrong in it, the international council of the internet would not approve it for publish. But, due to one or other reason, the Indian Government has banned some websites to access in India. Here is a top guide on how to access to blocked or torrent sites in India.

Following the orders of Indian Government, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) has blocked some websites including some popular torrents like Torrentz,, The PirateBay, Kickass Torrents, etc. This is a good thing to stop piracy and many other illegal activities like porn, making pirated copies, etc. Everything has pros and cons, so we observe this thing for such blocking of illegal sites too. It’s nice to proscribe it, but simultaneously it is not justified for the genuine user as he won’t be able to use it freely. With some illegal porn sites, some good informative sites like GitHub, PasteBin, etc. are also blocked to access.

Here are some tricks to open blocked websites and to access blocked torrent sites like Kickass Torrents, in India.

Trick 1: Use Proxy

If you are an internet user, then you most probably know what a proxy is. The proxy which is also called a ‘proxy server’ is a gateway between the local network and the internet. When you connect with a proxy, you can access the content you want. There are a number of proxy sites available online which can help you open the blocked sites in India. Remember that proxy is a completely browser-based server, so you cannot use it for non-browser pages or applications which are blocked.

Trick 2: Use VPN service

Unlike a proxy, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts all your traffic by replacing your current ISP with the virtual location as per your preferences. After accessing or downloading the VPN service or software like hidemyass, hola, cyberghost, etc. you can choose your preferred location from anywhere in the world to access the internet and sites that are blocked in your country or region. Some VPN services are free to use, but they can’t give surety to hide your IP from the ISP or Indian Government, so it is better to use premium version if you will be using it regularly. Today, browsers like Opera gives an inbuilt VPN functionality which lets you access the web without using external software or service. You can try it too.

Trick 3: Use IP

Sometimes, when the government or ISP blocks a site, its IP still can be accessed. So if you can get the IP address of the blocked website, then you can give it a try to access the site.

How to access blocked torrent sites in India?

Some simple changes like HTTP to https can make a difference. For example, if you go to, then you will get an error message that the site has been blocked as per the order of Indian Government. But, if you just add a security level and type, then you will see that the site is accessible. Same can be applied to and other blocked torrent sites.


We are not against the ban or blocking of some unethical sites as they violate the internet user policy, but for legitimate users, they also do reserve rights to access the information they found useful for their progress or knowledge. So, for such users, we have tried to mention some tips which can help them to open blocked sites by Indian Government and also to access blocked torrent sites in India. Because technology has alternative always.

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How To: Access Blocked Torrent Websites In India

Torrents have been one of the best content distribution platforms on the web. The system comprises of a package (file) that contains metadata about the content to be distributed and the network of devices that are sharing these files. In simple words, a torrent file is not the actual content but a key to acquire it. For easy distribution, a file is divided into small chunks (generally between 32 kB and 32 MB). These pieces, when simultaneously downloaded from multiple sources improve transfer speeds.

However, recently the Indian government has blocked access to almost all torrent and file sharing websites. Like they say, you can't really regulate the Internet. There are plenty of workarounds to access torrent websites in India, and I'm going to share a couple of easiest methods with you.

Now before you use this tutorial to access torrents, please understand that while there's nothing wrong in using Torrents, distributing copyrighted content is illegal. Especially in India, opening a torrent website may get you landed in jail for up to three years. That's more term than a popular film star spend for taking a life in hit and run case. I fully endorse sharing non copyrighted movies, music, and software on torrents. For instance, torrent sites have helped the Linux community grow. Similarly, many indie film makers and garage bands distribute their work for global exposure. In no way we endorse downloading or distributing copyrighted content over torrents. If you choose to do so, you will be solely responsible for your actions.

1. After the fall of Kickass torrents, PirateBay remains the last standing source of torrents. However, entering its URL ​ returns a following message:
2. The first workaround is incredibly simple. All you have to do here is replace http:// in the URL to https://. Once the secured connection is established, you can access
3. If this doesn't work for you, then we need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to solve the issue. There are plenty of VPN software available on the Internet. However, some of them cost money while the others are filled with ads. Hence, we recommend the Opera browser that comes with free VPN access. To enable this feature, go to Settings panel.
4. In Settings, navigate to Privacy & Security. Scroll down and tick the box next to Enable VPN.

5. Once the VPN is enabled, the traffic goes through one of the many remote servers set up by Opera. Since the location is no more detected as India, most of the websites banned in India will be easily accessible.

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September 26, 2017

[FreeTutorials.Us] projects-in-expressjs-learn-expressjs-building-10-projects tutorial

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989.00 B 02 Express Webserver/attached_files/005 Very Basic Server Without Express/
1.25 KB 02 Express Webserver/attached_files/006 Express Setup Basic Routes/
148.09 KB 02 Express Webserver/attached_files/007 Serving Static HTML Files/
550.81 KB 02 Express Webserver/attached_files/008 Serving JSON Downloads Handling POST/
95.76 KB 03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/010 Pug and Template Engines/
237.82 KB 03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/011 Express Generator File Structure/
258.38 KB 03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/012 Pug Homepage Layout/
261.33 KB 03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/013 About Services Pulling JSON Data/
261.84 KB 03 PC Repair Website/attached_files/014 Nodemailer Contact Form/
25.48 KB 04 Todo List/attached_files/015 Project Intro/
49.91 KB 04 Todo List/attached_files/016 MongoDB Overview Advantages/
2.46 KB 04 Todo List/attached_files/018 App EJS Setup/
3.02 KB 04 Todo List/attached_files/019 MongoDB Driver Fetching Todos/
1.04 MB 04 Todo List/attached_files/020 Add Delete Todos/
1.04 MB 04 Todo List/attached_files/021 Update Todos/
26.30 KB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/023 Project Intro/
48.04 KB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/024 Mongoose ODM/
1.58 KB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/025 App Middleware Setup/
1.05 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/026 Routes Views - Part 1/
1.05 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/027 Routes Views - Part 2/
1.05 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/028 Part 1 - Fetching Categories/
1.06 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/029 Part 2 - Add Manage Categories/
1.06 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/030 Part 3 - Edit Delete Categories/
1.06 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/031 Part 1 - Articles Model Add Articles/
1.06 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/032 Part 2 - Manage Edit Articles/
1.05 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/033 Part 3 - Deleting Articles/
1.05 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/034 Express Validator/
1.05 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/035 Express Messages/
1.34 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/036 Navbar Showcase/
1.35 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/037 Part 1 - Article Listings/
1.35 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/038 Part 2 - Single Article Page/
1.35 MB 05 Sports Blog/attached_files/039 Comment Functionality/
24.97 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/040 Project Intro/
108.16 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/041 An Overview Of Passport/
3.95 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/042 App Setup Middleware Handlebars/
4.70 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/043 Register Form Route Validation/
5.36 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/044 Registration Model/
6.04 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/045 Login Form LocalStrategy/
5.97 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/046 Login Functionality/
6.23 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/047 Logout Access Control/
6.64 KB 06 User Login System/attached_files/048 User Interface Cleanup/
25.45 KB 07 Chat App With Project Intro/
69.90 KB 07 Chat App With What Is
1.52 KB 07 Chat App With Server Setup/
2.90 MB 07 Chat App With Build Out The UI In Pug/
1.04 MB 07 Chat App With Setting Usernames/
1.04 MB 07 Chat App With Sending Messages/
25.91 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/055 Project Intro/
140.59 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/056 Angular 2 Overview/
1.32 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/057 Creating The Server File/
1.82 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/058 Backend REST API With MongoJS/
58.93 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/059 Angular 2 App Clients Component/
59.11 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/060 Client Service Fetch Clients/
60.67 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/061 Client Table Bootstrap Navbar/
62.49 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/062 Add Client Form Function/
60.22 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/063 Edit Client Form Function/
2.01 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/attached_files/064 Delete Client Function Build/
120.15 KB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/attached_files/066 Mean.js AngularJs Overview/
5.41 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/attached_files/067 Generate A Mean.js App/
5.42 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/attached_files/068 Jobs Module Menu/
5.42 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/attached_files/069 Job Model Form/
5.41 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/attached_files/070 Job Views/
25.46 KB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/071 Project Intro/
47.72 KB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/072 What Is Kraken/
67.28 KB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/073 Install Kraken Generate Controller/
66.62 KB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/074 Fetch Movies With Mongoose/
66.89 KB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/075 Adding Movies/
1.58 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/076 Foundation UI CSS/
1.59 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/077 Details Page Delete Movies/
1.58 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/078 Edit Movies/
1.59 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/attached_files/079 Search Filter Movies/
25.14 KB 11 Instagram App/attached_files/080 Project Intro/
498.46 KB 11 Instagram App/attached_files/081 EJS Kickstart Setup/
499.80 KB 11 Instagram App/attached_files/082 Instagram Authentication/
499.91 KB 11 Instagram App/attached_files/083 Get Display User Data/
499.88 KB 11 Instagram App/attached_files/084 Display Images Info/
25.94 KB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/085 Project Intro/
53.81 KB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/086 CouchDB Overview Setup Fauxton/
1.37 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/087 App Dependencies Routes Setup/
1.36 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/088 Add Form Validation/
1.37 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/089 Inserting Data Into CouchDB/
1.37 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/090 Fetch List Businesses/
1.37 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/091 Show View Navigation/
1.37 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/attached_files/092 Edit Delete Businesses/
25.07 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/093 Project Intro/
74.46 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/094 Part 1 - Redis Overview/
2.75 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/096 App Handlebars Setup/
3.57 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/097 Add Store Form UI/
3.92 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/098 Geocoding The Location/
4.07 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/099 Submit Store To Redis/
4.27 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/100 Store Search/
4.99 KB 13 Redis StoreFinder/attached_files/101 Details Page and Delete/
54.71 KB 14 Course Summary/attached_files/102 Course Summary/
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4.54 KB 05 Sports Blog/quizzes/004 Section 5 Quiz.html
5.25 KB 06 User Login System/quizzes/005 Section 6 Quiz.html
3.78 KB 07 Chat App With Section 7 Quiz.html
4.14 KB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/quizzes/007 Section 8 Quiz.html
4.17 KB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/quizzes/008 Section 9 Quiz.html
3.58 KB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/quizzes/009 Section 10 Quiz.html
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3.54 KB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/quizzes/011 Section 12 Quiz.html
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5.70 MB 01 Introduction/001 Intro.mp4
4.92 MB 02 Express Webserver/002 Project Intro.mp4
6.70 MB 02 Express Webserver/003 What is Express.mp4
12.31 MB 02 Express Webserver/004 Environment Setup.mp4
17.14 MB 02 Express Webserver/005 Very Basic Server Without Express.mp4
15.87 MB 02 Express Webserver/006 Express Setup Basic Routes.mp4
21.41 MB 02 Express Webserver/007 Serving Static HTML Files.mp4
23.98 MB 02 Express Webserver/008 Serving JSON Downloads Handling POST.mp4
11.54 MB 03 PC Repair Website/010 Pug and Template Engines.mp4
19.62 MB 03 PC Repair Website/011 Express Generator File Structure.mp4
31.58 MB 03 PC Repair Website/012 Pug Homepage Layout.mp4
21.77 MB 03 PC Repair Website/013 About Services Pulling JSON Data.mp4
28.93 MB 03 PC Repair Website/014 Nodemailer Contact Form.mp4
5.10 MB 04 Todo List/015 Project Intro.mp4
12.35 MB 04 Todo List/016 MongoDB Overview Advantages.mp4
15.63 MB 04 Todo List/017 MongoDB Installation.mp4
22.07 MB 04 Todo List/018 App EJS Setup.mp4
18.41 MB 04 Todo List/019 MongoDB Driver Fetching Todos.mp4
38.77 MB 04 Todo List/020 Add Delete Todos.mp4
14.75 MB 04 Todo List/021 Update Todos.mp4
16.33 MB 04 Todo List/022 Bootstrap UI.mp4
7.97 MB 05 Sports Blog/023 Project Intro.mp4
6.22 MB 05 Sports Blog/024 Mongoose ODM.mp4
29.28 MB 05 Sports Blog/025 App Middleware Setup.mp4
31.19 MB 05 Sports Blog/026 Routes Views - Part 1.mp4
20.28 MB 05 Sports Blog/027 Routes Views - Part 2.mp4
26.27 MB 05 Sports Blog/028 Part 1 - Fetching Categories.mp4
30.93 MB 05 Sports Blog/029 Part 2 - Add Manage Categories.mp4
42.87 MB 05 Sports Blog/030 Part 3 - Edit Delete Categories.mp4
39.62 MB 05 Sports Blog/031 Part 1 - Articles Model Add Articles.mp4
40.40 MB 05 Sports Blog/032 Part 2 - Manage Edit Articles.mp4
10.51 MB 05 Sports Blog/033 Part 3 - Deleting Articles.mp4
30.27 MB 05 Sports Blog/034 Express Validator.mp4
21.37 MB 05 Sports Blog/035 Express Messages.mp4
27.00 MB 05 Sports Blog/036 Navbar Showcase.mp4
32.44 MB 05 Sports Blog/037 Part 1 - Article Listings.mp4
9.70 MB 05 Sports Blog/038 Part 2 - Single Article Page.mp4
36.65 MB 05 Sports Blog/039 Comment Functionality.mp4
4.04 MB 06 User Login System/040 Project Intro.mp4
8.69 MB 06 User Login System/041 An Overview Of Passport.mp4
28.70 MB 06 User Login System/042 App Setup Middleware Handlebars.mp4
20.38 MB 06 User Login System/043 Register Form Route Validation.mp4
31.56 MB 06 User Login System/044 Registration Model.mp4
30.76 MB 06 User Login System/045 Login Form LocalStrategy.mp4
16.97 MB 06 User Login System/046 Login Functionality.mp4
12.13 MB 06 User Login System/047 Logout Access Control.mp4
20.88 MB 06 User Login System/048 User Interface Cleanup.mp4
3.54 MB 07 Chat App With Project Intro.mp4
5.85 MB 07 Chat App With What Is
16.37 MB 07 Chat App With Server Setup.mp4
21.95 MB 07 Chat App With Build Out The UI In Pug.mp4
38.92 MB 07 Chat App With Setting Usernames.mp4
11.41 MB 07 Chat App With Sending Messages.mp4
4.28 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/055 Project Intro.mp4
8.96 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/056 Angular 2 Overview.mp4
16.12 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/057 Creating The Server File.mp4
29.79 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/058 Backend REST API With MongoJS.mp4
18.96 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/059 Angular 2 App Clients Component.mp4
26.34 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/060 Client Service Fetch Clients.mp4
19.83 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/061 Client Table Bootstrap Navbar.mp4
22.47 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/062 Add Client Form Function.mp4
20.88 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/063 Edit Client Form Function.mp4
15.87 MB 08 ClientKeeper MEAN From Scratch/064 Delete Client Function Build.mp4
5.95 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/065 Project Intro.mp4
10.19 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/066 Mean.js AngularJs Overview.mp4
31.43 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/067 Generate A Mean.js App.mp4
13.46 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/068 Jobs Module Menu.mp4
22.75 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/069 Job Model Form.mp4
23.50 MB 09 Job Board With MEAN.js/070 Job Views.mp4
6.27 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/071 Project Intro.mp4
6.18 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/072 What Is Kraken.mp4
15.25 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/073 Install Kraken Generate Controller.mp4
24.28 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/074 Fetch Movies With Mongoose.mp4
38.98 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/075 Adding Movies.mp4
24.00 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/076 Foundation UI CSS.mp4
30.77 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/077 Details Page Delete Movies.mp4
32.13 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/078 Edit Movies.mp4
30.08 MB 10 MovieBase Kraken App/079 Search Filter Movies.mp4
4.75 MB 11 Instagram App/080 Project Intro.mp4
29.98 MB 11 Instagram App/081 EJS Kickstart Setup.mp4
23.65 MB 11 Instagram App/082 Instagram Authentication.mp4
20.18 MB 11 Instagram App/083 Get Display User Data.mp4
22.57 MB 11 Instagram App/084 Display Images Info.mp4
3.71 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/085 Project Intro.mp4
18.80 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/086 CouchDB Overview Setup Fauxton.mp4
20.92 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/087 App Dependencies Routes Setup.mp4
25.38 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/088 Add Form Validation.mp4
18.53 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/089 Inserting Data Into CouchDB.mp4
24.22 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/090 Fetch List Businesses.mp4
18.02 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/091 Show View Navigation.mp4
29.67 MB 12 Bizlist with CouchDB/092 Edit Delete Businesses.mp4
4.71 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/093 Project Intro.mp4
7.13 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/094 Part 1 - Redis Overview.mp4
21.27 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/095 Part 2 - Redis Installation Setup.mp4
26.95 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/096 App Handlebars Setup.mp4
17.15 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/097 Add Store Form UI.mp4
20.65 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/098 Geocoding The Location.mp4
12.41 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/099 Submit Store To Redis.mp4
12.28 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/100 Store Search.mp4
23.49 MB 13 Redis StoreFinder/101 Details Page and Delete.mp4
6.52 MB 14 Course Summary/102 Course Summary.mp4
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